Karen | IT Freelancer

Karen works as an IT testing contractor for a FTSE listed insurance company.  The Numbers Studio provide a total accounts and tax package including bookkeeping for Karen and her Ltd company for only £120+VAT per month.

Charlie | Shop Owner

Charlie is just starting up her coffee shop in Brighton. The Numbers Studio have helped Charlie with her idea and have provided advice and have prepared a financial projections. So far Charlie's advice has been FREE.

Ben | Gardener

Ben has his own gardening business in Brighton, which is growing at a rate and needs support as he adapts to his changing business. We provide full accountancy services PLUS unlimited  meetings for only £40+VAT per month.

David | Private Landlord

David owns three rental properties in Brighton which he rents out. David's wife is organised and the records are great.  The Numbers Studio provide personal tax returns for David and his wife for a fixed fee of only £300 each.

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